Low $3
Mid $10
High $25
  • 2nd appearance and partial origin of Erik Killmonger
  • 1st appearance of Venomm, an ally of Killmonger
  • A teaser at the end of Jungle Action #6 depicts an illustration of Venomm
  • ✅ Will Killmonger return to the MCU? Well, resurrection is a part of his earliest stories and the franchise could use the additional star power of Michael B. Jordan
  • This issue is undervalued as a second appearance considering how well-received Killmonger was in The Black Panther and the possibility of future appearances
  • 9.6s and 9.4s can be found for $100 - $125 while a 9.2 sold for $40 in March
  • The highest quantity of grades on the census is 9.4 with 32 copies registered and no other grade exceeds 30 registered copies
  • Grade 9.2 register only 12 copies
  • 📈 +450% increase in copies sold this week versus the previous week after being featured on Nick's Picks Weekly - Week 48
Publisher Marvel
Published November 1973
Written By Don McGregor
Illustrated By Rich Buckler