Justice League America #61

DC ⋅ 1992

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Bloodwynd, later revealed to be Martian Manhunter in disguise but eventually becomes an original character

Cover art inspired by Justice League of America #1 (1960)

Issue Details




Dan Jurgens


Dan Jurgens


April 1992


"Born Once Again" Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold decide to re-start the Justice League. They convene at the old Secret Sanctuary where Guy declares himself leader. Before the others have the chance to counter Guy's self-appointed leadership, Maxima arrives. She is on Earth to find the planet's most worthy male to be her mate – Superman. Meanwhile, Superman, Fire and Ice have a meeting with Maxwell Lord. Superman tells Max that the League will survive, but they will operate outside of Max's control. Impressed by Superman's diligence, Ice throws her support behind the Man of Steel. At the Secret Sanctuary, the Weapons Master arrives and engages in combat with the heroes present. With a veritable arsenal of futuristic weaponry at his command, he quickly takes down all four combatants. Suddenly, Superman arrives and begins tearing into the Weapons Master, but the villain has a plan for Superman and uses his armor to transmit the Kryptonian to another dimension. With the League defeated, the Weapons Master claims his price – Guy Gardner's power ring. As he turns to leave, he finds a new hero ready to face him – Bloodwynd. Bloodwynd channels the spirits of the dead to fight the Weapons Master. Unable to counter Bloodwynd's magic, the Weapons Master abducts the five fallen heroes and disappears. He transports them to an alien dimension where they are paralyzed and seated around a large chessboard. The Weapons Master chooses Blue Beetle as his opponent, and begins an elaborate game, which seemingly kills Ice.

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