Justice League America #76

DC ⋅ 1993

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Key Facts

1st cameo appearance of Bloodwynd

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Dan Jurgens


Dan Jurgens


July 1993


"Blood Secrets Part One" Booster wants to know exactly why the Martian Manhunter has been posing as 'Bloodwynd', a supposedly new member of the team, for so long, but gets no satisfactory response. J'onn can remember nothing between leaving the Justice League several months ago and awakening in the strange dreamworld that Doctor Destiny created to entrap the League. It becomes apparent that this must be connected to the large gem which is embedded in his chest. Atom volunteers to investigate this, and shrinks to subatomic size. Inside the gem is a strange world, where he encounters the Weapons Master and a shrivelled being named Rott, who capture the Atom. Rott demands that the League send him their most powerful member - the Ray. He masters a new variation on his powers, becoming a tight beam of light, to enter the gem.

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