Justice League America #72

DC ⋅ 1993

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Dan Jurgens


Dan Jurgens

Cover Artist

Dan Jurgens


Ruben Diaz


Rick Burchett


Gene D'Angelo


Willie Schubert

Cover Artist

Todd Klein

Cover Artist

Dick Giordano


March 1993


"Destiny's Hand: Part I" The Justice League begins to adopt violent, authoritarian methods. When the Secret Society of Super-Villains invades a museum in order to steal an artifact, Martian Manhunter breaks Sinestro's arm and kills Star Sapphire with his Martian vision. Sinestro flee to other city, disguised. He is discovered by Green Arrow and Black Canary. Hawkman smashes Sinestro's face with his mace; After it he orders soldiers in Nevada to amputate the arms of Sinestro. China starts nuclear warheads against JLA, but the silos are sabotaged by Atom, and the explosion occurs in China itself. Meanwhile, Dr. Destiny murmurs in Arkham Asylum. None of the JLAers, villains and situations match the mainstream universe. This is all part of a dreamverse created by Dr. Destiny. This universe seems set on the past, when (very probably) Gerald Ford was president, not Bill Clinton. In the mainstream universe, in this point of time (1993), Blockbuster, Flash Barry Allen and Sinestro were already dead, the Justice League Satellite was destroyed. The man behind Hawkman's identity is unidentified, probably Carter Hall (See Hawkman is confusing). The Wizard matches his Secret Society version, when he needed wear three artifacts to compensate his waned powers. The Star Sapphire who was part of the Secret Society of Super-Villains in our world was not Carol Ferris, but instead Remoni-Notra, who assumed the Earthian identity of Deborah Darnell. The Dreamverse Hal Jordan wears a costume resembling his early costume, as it doesn't have the green shoulders that his then-current Green Lantern costume had. Dreamverse Batman wears a blue and grey costume with a plain bat logo (similar to the early costume Batman wore), as opposed to the yellow oval bat logo that the real Batman was wearing at the time

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