Justice League of America #261

DC ⋅ 1987

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Key Facts

Final issue

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Luke McDonnell


J. M. DeMatteis


April 1987


"The End of the Justice League, Conclusion: Last Stand" The team decimated by the events of Legends and Professor Ivo's attacks, Martian Manhunter and Vixen are the last members standing. They mount a last ditch effort to stop the mad professor. Legends Chapter 21. Story continues in Legends #6. This is "chapter 21" of the Legends crossover. The previous chapter was Cosmic Boy #4. The next chapter is Secret Origins (Volume 2) #14. This issue takes place sometime between Legends #2 and Legends #6. This is the conclusion to Justice League of America (Volume 1). It is followed by Justice League: A New Beginning. A flashback shows Amazo fighting the JLA, including Superman and Wonder Woman; In this point of time, Post-Crisis, Wonder Woman was not a member of the team. Moreover, Secret Origins Vol 2 32 establishes that Superman was not a regular member too. New series begins with Justice League (DC, 1987 series) #1.

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