Low $1
Mid $3
High $12
  • Variant cover art by Todd McFarlane
  • ✅ This is an inexpensive, intriguing potential sleeper for multiple reasons:
  • 1. McFarlane collectors are more about collecting than flipping
  • 2. It’s not that often McFarlane lends his masterful skill outside of his own titles
  • 3. Probably scarce. Unfortunately there is no longer a resource to estimate quantities ordered BUT Killadelphia #12 was ranked 102 in January in quantity of copies ordered which doesn’t even factor in DC books so it would’ve likely ranked closer to 200. It was 10 spots lower than Bettie Page #5 with a Jung-Geun Yoon cover
  • This variant was one of three very cool covers but the price was $5 due to having six extra pages of story and that $1 factors into how much shops were willing to order, especially in January 2021
Publisher Image
Published January 2021
Written By Unknown
Illustrated By Todd McFarlane