Marvel Age: Spider-Man #17

Marvel ⋅ 2004

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Todd DeZago


Logan Lubera


Craig Yeung




Dave Sharpe


December 2004


The Story begins with Spider-man webbing a group of yobs who look like they're up to no good and since they haven't committed any crime, the leader of their gang threatens to sue Spider-man for assault and battery and when a cop shows up, it only gets worse so Spidey escapes. As he swings away he notices Sandman robbing a bank while a swat team try to stop him. Spidey leaps in to save the day but is pummeled by Sandman into a car, leaving him with a ripped mask, afraid the public will reveal his secret identity, Spidey flees back home to sew a new mask. The next morning, after fixing his mask, he sets off to work, in which his aunt may insists he take an umbrella. Meanwhile at the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson is looking for pictures of Spider-man and The Sandman, trying to find a connection between the two, suspecting they were working together. When Peter arrives at the Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson is in a bad mood for finding webbing on his chair, and when Peter Parker comes in asking for a pay rise, to fund his web fluid, Jameson hurls a cupcake at his head. The next day Peter is at school where he is mocked by Flash Thompson for carrying an umbrella and Liz Allen is mad at him for not taking her on a date. Meanwhile the Sandman is on the run from the police and hitches a ride in a school bus, at the school, he demands a diploma from the Principle, but after denying that he can't, Spider-man leaps in attacking Sandman. Sandman and Spider-man continue to fight through the School grounds in which Spider-man lures him to the basement. Down in the basement, Spidey uses a Vacuum cleaner to capture sandman and hands him over to the police. Back home after a depressing day of people still thinking Spider-man was helping Sandman, aunt may brings Peter a new jersey with his initials on it.

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