Marvel Comics #1000

Marvel ⋅ 2019

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Key Facts

One-shot celebration of Marvel’s 80th year that began with the launch of Timely Comics in 1939

1st modern appearance of the Masked Raider who was last seen in an original story in 1940

Debut of The Eternity Mask

Batman cameo appearance


One-page original story featuring Miracleman by Neil Gaiman

📖 Star Wars Reading Order: read 'Red Four' then 'The Long Game' in Age of Rebellion Special #1

Issue Details




Alex Ross


Various Writers


August 2019


There is a mystery that threads throughout the Marvel Universe — one that has its origins in MARVEL COMICS #1 and which unites a disparate array of heroes and villains throughout the decades!  What is the Eternity Mask, and who is responsible for the conspiracy to keep it hidden?  And what new player will make their startling debut as these secrets are peeled away?  Featuring the entirety of the Marvel Universe of characters!  EIGHT BELLS  (1939, The Human Torch debuts in Marvel Comics #1) THE OPERATIVE AND THE X-MEN  (1940, The Three X's appear in Mystic Comics #1) THE OTHER DOOR  (1941, The Thunderer is created in Daring Mystery Comics #7) THE LOOP  (1942, Citizen V first appears in Daring Mystery Comics #8) FIGHT FOR LOVE  (1943, Miss America debuts in Marvel Mystery Comics #49) [ UNTITLED ] (1944, The Captain America movie serial hits the big screen) PATSY WALKER: HELLCAT AND SIX TIPS FOR SELFIE SUCCESS!  (1945, Patsy Walker gets her own self-titled comic book) CALLING FREQUENCY X  (1946, The All-Winners Squad first appears in All Winners Comics #19) DEEP DIVES  (1947, Namora premieres in Marvel Mystery Comics #82) THE BLACK RIDER  (1948, The Black Rider debuts in All Western Winners #2) MAKE MINE A MANHATTAN  (1949, Tessie the Typist ends its run with #23) THE LAST STAND OF THE DARK AVENGER  (1950, Marvel Boy is introduced in Marvel Boy #1) DR. STRANGE: SPIN CYCLE  (1951, Strange Tales premieres) THE JOURNEY  (1952, Journey Into Mystery debuts) THE RETURN OF NOT BAND ECHH  (1953, Marvel's first parody series, Crazy, is introduced) KEN HALE IN THE MEMBRANE  (1954, Gorilla-Man first appears in Men's Adventures #26) THE GUILD OF STRANGE SCIENCE  (1955, The Black Knight is introduced in Black Knight #1) REBELS AND JUDGES  (1956, Jimmy Woo first appears in Yellow Claw #1) DENNIS PIPER'S LAST HEIST  (1957, The Black Rider Rise Again premieres) STRANGE WORLDS  (1958, Jack Kirby brings sci-fi to Marvel with Strange Worlds #1) THE LAST WORD  (1959, The Hulk's longtime home Tales To Astonish is introduced) THE INTERVIEW  (1960, Groot first menaces the world in Tales To Astonish #13) TILL YOU DIE  (1961, Fantastic Four #1 is published) PROFESSOR COLD CALL  (1962, Spider-Man debuts in Amazing Fantasy #15) [ UNTITLED ] (Iron Man is introduced in Tales of Suspense #39) A MIDWINTER NIGHT'S DREAM  (1964, Captain America is revived from the ice in Avengers #4) LITTLE BLACKAGAR IN SLUMBERLAND  (1965, The Inhumans first appear in Fantastic Four #45) ONE HEART  (1966, The Black Panther is created in Fantastic Four #52) HIM  (1967, Adam Warlock is introduced as Him in Fantastic Four #67) SEVEN THINGS YOU CAN COUNT ON  (1968, Carol Danvers first appears in Marvel Super-Heroes #13) THE FARMER  (1969, The origin of Galactus is revealed in Thor #169) OF KINGS AND SINNERS  (1970, Conan joins the Marvel line in Conan the Barbarian #1) HONOR THE SACRED  (1971, Red Wolf headlines in Marvel Spotlight #1) BLADE WEEK  (1972, Tomb of Dracula is launched) BECAUSE OF HER  (1973, Gwen Stacy breathes her last in Amazing Spider-Man #121) ENTER--STAGE CENTER  (1974, Wolverine is introduced in Incredible Hulk #180) WE ARE WHAT WE ARE  (1975, The Punisher's origin is revealed in Marvel Preview #2) HEIRS OF THE TIGER  (1976, White Tiger gets his own series in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #20) RED FOUR  (1977, Star Wars #1 becomes the first Marvel comic since the Golden Age to sell over a million copies) BLIND JUSTICE  (1978, James MacDonald Hudson debuts as Weapon Alpha in Uncanny X-Men #109) NIGHTTIME IN THE CITY  (1979, Night Raven is introduced by Marvel UK in Hulk Comic #1) SHE  (1980, She-Hulk is born in Savage She-Hulk #1) END OF THE DAY  (1981, Iron Man battles Doctor Doom in Invincible Iron Man #150) THE PRINCE OF POWER RETURNS  (1982, Hercules headlines his own future-set limited series) OVER TROUBLED WATERS  (1983, Storm dramatically changes her look in Uncanny X-Men #172) WE'RE CALLING HIM BEN  (1984, Spider-Man gets his new black costume in Amazing Spider-Man #252) THE PRIVILEGE  (1985, Odin gives his life to end the Surtur Saga in Thor #353) HOWARD THE DUCK IN THE TENDER, FLAKEY TASTE OF WELTSCHMERZ!  (1986, The Howard the Duck movie is released) JET LAG  (1987, Spider-Man Versus Wolverine #1 is published) THE BIG BOUNCE  (1988, Speedball makes his premiere in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22) DAMAGE CONTROL IN THE MCDUFFIE DEVICE!  (1989, Damage Control receives its first limited series) MYSTERY LESSONS  (1990, Night Thrasher leads the New Warriors in New Warriors #1) FORCE OF X  (1991, The New Mutants become X-Force in New Mutants #100) THE THING AND SPIDER-MAN IN TRADING FOES!  (1992, Erik Larsen becomes the regular writer/artist of Spider-Man) BLOODBATH  (1993, Wolverine and the Punisher: Damaging Evidence is published) THE ROUTE  (1994, The infamous Clone Saga begins in the Spider-Man titles) THE FIRST HORSEMEN  (1995, The X-Men titles enter the Age of Apocalypse) GLORY DAYS  (1996, Captain America and three other core series are relaunched as Heroes Reborn) TURKEY SOUP FOR THE DEADPOOL SOUL  (1997, Deadpool receives his first ongoing series) THE DEVIL'S BRAND  (1998, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti launch the Marvel Knights imprint) I'VE SAID ENOUGH  (1999, Incredible Hulk ends with #474) WITH A VIEW TO FOREVER!  (2000, Chris Claremont returns to write the X-Men in X-Men #100) A MOTHER'S WORK  (2001, Jessica Jones makes her debut in Alias #1) MONSTERS  (2002, Elsa Bloodstone takes over monster hunting from her dead father) HISTORIA X  (2003, Manga artist Kia Asamiya illustrates a run on Uncanny X-Men) PART OF YOUR WORLD  (2004, X-23 makes her first Marvel Universe appearance in Nyx #3) THE CELEBRATION DINNER  (2005, The Young Avengers make their first appearance) PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED  (2006, Luke Cage marries Jessica Jones in New Avengers Annual #1) THE FAMILY HULK  (2007, Amadeus Cho sides with the Hulk against the whole Marvel Universe in World War Hulk) ARMOR: DISSEMBLE  (2008, The Iron Man movie is released) X PLUS 80  (2009, Adam Brashear, the Blue Marvel, comes out of self-imposed retirement) THE  MJ MEMOIRS  (2010, Why Mary Jane Watson didn't marry Peter Parker is revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #638) HOW TO SAVE A SET OF KEYS  (2011, Miles Morales is introduced in Ultimate Fallout #4) SPIDER-MAN IN HE ARRIVES JUST IN TIME  (2012, Amazing Spider-Man #700 is published) CABLE: A HISTORY OF SCARS  (2013, Cable returns to lead X-Force in Cable & X-Force #1) MIRACLEMAN: PRELUDE  (2014, Marvel begins publishing Miracleman) DOOM ALONE  (2015, Doctor Doom takes over Battleworld in Secret Wars #2) GRIDLOCKED  (2016, The Deadpool movie is released) WHAT DO YOU REGRET?  (2017, Stan Lee appears as The Watcher in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) THE CHOICE  (2018, The Silver Surfer once more becomes the Herald of Galactus in Infinity Countdown #4) ETERNITY  (2019, The Marvel Universe celebrates 80 years of publishing history) THE MASK... ...AND THE RAIDER  (2020, The face under the mask is revealed) TOMORROW

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