Marvel Team-Up #81

Marvel ⋅ 1979

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Key Facts

Death of Satana

Issue Details




Al Milgrom


Chris Claremont


May 1979


LAST RITES Having failed to bring Dr. Strange to a monastery in Tibet, Wong and Spider-Man are transported back to Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum by Satana. There Satana explains that Strange's contact with the Shiatra Book of the Damned had caused him to become an agent of Basilisk on Earth.   Spider-Man is sent out to capture the lupine, Dr. Strange, Spidey tracks him down to where his date Cissy Ironwood was admitted following her injuries when encountering Strange. There Spidey is able to subdue Strange and take him back to the Sanctum.   There, Satana is able to cast a spell and travel into Basilisk's realm to try and free Strange from its influence. Although Satana succeeds, she is fatally wounded by Basilisk. Upon returning to Earth's dimension, everyone is glad that Strange has been restored to normal, however, they realize that it is a tragic victory as Satana has died as a result of her injuries.

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