Marvel Two-In-One #29

Marvel ⋅ 1977

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Key Facts

2nd appearance of Spider-Woman

Issue Details




Rich Buckler


Marv Wolfman


July 1977


      Ben and Alicia have arrived in London with Deathlok, still trying to save the cyborg. Having an hour to kill, Ben and Alicia do a little romantic tourism, taking in the sights (so to speak). When they finally try to meet up with Professor Kort (the scientist who can hoepfully save Deathlok), they find him missing and his house ransacked. Ben heads upstairs to look for clues, leaving Alicia in the living room.      Passing by on the street outside is Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu. Alicia screams, and Shang-Chi enters to find a big orange monster behind her (guess who?), and a ruckus develops. Eventually, the misunderstanding is settled, and Ben and Shang-Chi hook up to try to find Dr. Kort and his kidnappers, who are deduced to be the hordes of Hydra...    

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