Marvels #2

2nd Print ⋅ Marvel ⋅ 1996

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Non-Key Issue. No additional information is available.

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Cover Artist

Alex Ross


May 1996


"Monsters" Written by Kurt Busiek and painted by Alex Ross, Marvels is a four-issue miniseries. It focuses on the thoughts of a news photographer named Phil Sheldon, and therefore shows Marvel's history through his eyes, and the eyes of the public. "There was something about the mutants. They were our replacements, scientists said. The next evolutionary step. We - homo sapiens - were obsolete, and they were the future." "They were going to kick the dirt onto our graves." You know these heroes inside out: the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men - harbingers of a new epoch of Marvels. Now see them through new eyes, as an observer rather than a participant, viewing these all too familiar heroes as strangers, monsters, demigods and men. Throught the perspective of veteran news photographer Phil Sheldon, an average man suddenly on the edge of a new age, witness to a conflict unlike any the world had ever experienced before, yet with an all too familiar ring. This time, the trigger word is mutant, and the reaction is hate. Marvels - you've never lived anything like it. Gavin and Jay, the characters for whom Barney Bushkin calls, are named after Jay Gavin . Compuserve Comics and Animation Forum Awards - Best Cover (1993) - Do you remember CompuServe?? The second printing cover does not have an acetate overlay double cover like the original.

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