Nightwing #29

Variant ⋅ DC ⋅ 2017

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Key Facts

Variant cover art by Casey Jones

Issue Details




Casey Jones


November 2017


GOTHAM RESISTANCE, PART 2: A RING OF ICE AND FEAR Two days after Challengers Mountain arrives in Gotham City, The Batman Who Laughs break Mister Freeze out of Arkham Asylum. The Batman Who Laughs gives Freeze a special Joker card that will allow him to shape the world to his whims. Flashing to the present, Robin, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, and Killer Croc are fighting a frost creature with Nightwing after the events of the past tie-in issue. They defeat the creature, and Nightwing reveals he has been following a mysterious metal sphere. Back outside The Ridder's labyrinth, the Teen Titans, while trying to help the denizens of Gotham City, encounter the Suicide Squad. As they stare each other down, a cadre of The Batman Who Laughs evil Robins attack both groups, lead by Damian Wayne of the Dark Multiverse. Inside, the group stumbles upon a statue related to the Court of Owls before facing down a Dark-charged Freeze. Using the owl statue, the group finds a cache of Dark metal weapons the Court of Owls had been storing. The group uses the weapons to take on Freeze and his creatures, and after defeating Freeze, Arrow finds another of the Dark metal Joker cards like The Riddler had. Elsewhere Damian Wayne of the Dark Multiverse, who has converted the Teen Titans and Suicide Squad members to be like him and the other Robins, talks about dealing out more of the Joker cards.

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