Radioactive Man #1

Bongo ⋅ 1993

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Key Facts

Six-issue limited series

Glow-in-the-dark cover, polybagged with a poster

Origin of Radioactive Man

Fictional publishing date (1952), each comic in the series parodies a different era in comic book history - issues that follow display a fictional issue number

Issue Details




Steve Vance


Steve Vance


December 1993


"At last--the greatest superhero of all time gets his own comic book," says Bart Simpson, noted comic art connoisseur. Now you can own this classic issue straight out of 1952! Gasp at the amazing origin of the irradiated crusader! Witness the historic battle between Radioactive Man and his archenemy Dr. Crab! Learn the secrets of the Containment Dome, Radioactive Man's hidden headquarters! Meet the women who are vying for Radioactive Man's love! All this plus Commie spies, alien invaders, and much, much more! It's an epic artifact from the Plutonium Age of Comics!

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