Scarlet Witch #2

Marvel ⋅ 1994

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Lore, the cross-dimensional, demonic counterpart to Scarlet Witch on a quest to destroy other Nexus Beings

Issue Details




John Higgins


Dan Abnett


February 1994


The Scarlet Witch’s nightmares become reality as she faces Master Pandemonium in Unity, New England. Will the delusional Master possess Wanda at long last? Plus, the town of Unity dislodges from the rest of America, becoming a floating island!The Scarlet Witch battles a deranged Master Pandemonium who tells Wanda that he loves her. Though she battles well, it is some time before Wanda manages to escape Pandemonium, before falling into another part of the church and discovering some kind of ancient vault, littered with the bodies of the long-dead. Meanwhile, in Palos Verdes, a mysterious being easily takes down USAgent, Spider-Woman, War Machine and Living Lightning. The Scarlet Witch finds a book that Agatha told her about, and in it she learns the history of the Nexus Beings, and of the evil known as Lore. Wanda escapes the church and makes her way into Unity town where she sees a light in a cabin, and people inside, but it is all trickery, then she is confronted by her dear friend Spider-Woman, transformed into a hideous spider creature, Wanda is forced to defend herself, and continues to flee, until she comes to transformed versions of USAgent, War Machine and the Living Lightning, attacking gypsies and holding hostage her two “children”, which Master Pandemonium soon absorbs into his body. Wanda knows that this is wrong, and continues to run - until she comes to the edge of “nothing” - Unity is now a floating island, high above an endless ocean, just like in her dream - and now her transformed teammates are closing in on her, and she has nowhere else to run.

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