Secret Six #2

DC ⋅ 1968
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Joe Gill


Henry Boltinoff


Henry Boltinoff


Frank Springer


Milt Snapinn

Cover Artist

Nick Cardy


April 1968


Doctor August Durant, Carlo Di Rienzi, and Lili De Neuve watch a film strip on the XB-107, a top secret new aircraft. At reel's end, they are instructed to steal the plans for the XB-107, then sell them to an enemy agent of a foreign power. This agent is already planning on stealing the plans. The Secret Six's mission is to steal them first, then offer to sell bogus blueprints to the foreigner, to take back to his government. Stealing the actual plans will give their ruse the air of authenticity. Durant already has security clearance for moving about the Pentagon. De Neuve uses her disguise skills to conceal herself, and Di Rienzi, behind the identities of General Taine, and his secretary, Marta Swift. Durant leads Di Rienzi and De Neuve to the vault which stores all of the Pentagon's top secret documents. Di Rienze cracks the safe, and removes the blueprints for the XB-107. Suddenly, they are discovered by a guard patrol. To protect his cover identity within the Pentagon, Durant sounds the alarm. Di Rienzi and De Neuve make a run for it, going so far as to beat down Durant, to help protect his cover identity. Di Rienzi takes out the gate sentry with sneezing gas. Under cover of a smoke grenade, Di Rienzi and De Neuve switch into civilian attire, and make good their escape. Durant learns, however, that the blueprints his teammates stole, were decoys. The theft had been anticipated, and the real blueprints removed to another location. Checking on them, though, reveals that the real blueprints have, in fact, been stolen. While the Secret Six were stealing the fake blueprints, the foreign agent used their distraction to steal the real thing.Durnat determines that Nicolai Sholokov is the most likely suspect. Sholokov entered the country mere days ago, and is already scheduled to depart for the MIddle East. Perusing Sholokov's photographs in the paper, Durant realizes that Sholokov has the blueprints on him. Durant contacts the other half of the Secret Six, briefing them...

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