Silver Surfer #1

Marvel ⋅ 1968

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Key Facts

First solo ongoing Silver Surfer series

Origin of the Silver Surfer

Origin of the Watchers

1st appearance of Shalla-Bal

Silver Surfer first says, "where soars the Silver Surfer...there must he soar alone!"

[April 2024 - Shalla-Bal portrayed by Julia Garner will be a version of the Silver Surfer in the Fantastic Four film]

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This is the fourth week in 2024 that the Silver Surfer’s debut issue ranked on the Key Collector Comics Hot 10

Issue Details




John Buscema


Stan Lee


August 1968


Growing tired of his banishment on Earth, the Silver Surfer thinks back to the days before he became Galactus' herald. He was Norrin Radd of Zenn-La and, while he loved Shalla-Bal, he was growing restless on his planet. The Zenn-Lavians' lives were complacent, not looking to discover more about the universe around them. Norrin Radd was not happy with this fact and when Galactus appeared he saw this as his chance to save his planet and seek a new life. Galactus made him his herald and he became the Silver Surfer. The planet was saved, a new life was won, but his old life and love had to be left behind. And thus the origin of the Silver Surfer!

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