Silver Surfer #3

Marvel ⋅ 1968

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Mephisto

[October 2022 - Deadline is speculating Sacha Baron Cohen will portray Mephisto in a Marvel project / March 2023 - it is rumored that a Mephisto special is filming at the same time as the Agatha TV series]

Issue Details




John Buscema


Stan Lee


December 1968


1st story: "The Power And The Prize!"When the Silver Surfer tries to save the life of a girl he previously helped he is attacked once again by the fearful people of Earth. He finally submits to the rage and anger he feared would consume him on the planet Earth. He attacks the entire population of Earth, causing a worldwide blackout. This is sensed by a mysterious, evil figure - Mephisto.He knows that the Surfer will threaten his plans for the future. He cannot allow such a noble spirit to remain on Earth. He senses the Surfer's weakness and travels to Zenn-La. He finds Shalla Bal and tells her that he can reunite her with her love and builds her a spaceship to travel to Earth in. Of course, Mephisto knows this ship will be shot down upon sight by the Earthlings.The ship is shot down just as he planned. The Surfer is shocked to find the only survivor, his long lost love. He revives her but as soon as he does Mephisto appears and disappears with Shalla Bal.Back in his realm, Mephisto is surprised to find himself face to face with the Surfer. He does not wish to destroy the Surfer but for him to serve him forever. He offers the Surfer all the riches he can imagine. The Surfer refuses. Mephisto offers women. The Surfer still refuses. Finally, he is offered a kingdom to rule. The Surfer tells him his spirit cannot be bought with glistening baubles.Mephisto now becomes angry. He uses his minions to attack the Surfer, but they are defeated. Mephisto creates amoebic shapes that envelop the Surfer. They drain his energy and put him in a state of limbo. But his soul remains his own. Mephisto shrinks the Surfer and places him in his brow in an attempt bend the Surfer's will. His purity is too much and Mephisto cannot handle it and casts the Surfer aside.Mephisto now hates the Surfer more than any other mortal being. In his first defeat in ages, Mephisto sends Shalla Bal back to Zenn-La and ejects the Surfer from his realm.2nd story: "Why Won't They Believe Me?"Reprinted from Amazing...

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