Silver Surfer #69

Marvel ⋅ 1992

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Key Facts

1st cameo appearance of Morg the Executioner

Issue Details




Ron Lim


Ron Marz


August 1992


"The Explorer" Khoon has demanded that the Surfer and Nova turn over command of the ship to him. He unleashes more of his robotic dogs to attack them. Nova and Surfer end up split up and when the Surfer tries to assist her, he is attacked by Khoon.Nova's tether becomes severed. If she flies off she will be lost forever. Khoon catches her and demands to be taken inside and the ship turned over to him.Once inside, Doctor Strange attacks him. Khoon dispatches of him and his over-confidence. Galactus listens to Khoon's story of how he came to be in this place. He learns of Khoon's eons of information about the dimensional corridor. Galactus easily defeats him and incorporates him into the navigation system, needed to continue on their journey.Meanwhile, on a far off planet, an executioner works diligently at what he does best.

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