Spider-Man: Power of Terror #4

Marvel ⋅ 1995

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Gregory Wright


Richard Starkings

Cover Artist

Darick Robertson


Gregory Wright


Darick Robertson


Jimmy Palmiotti


Greg Adams


April 1995


Oh, nope. Spidey and DD figure out that Deathlok is Silvermane. They fight, and Deathlok/Silvermane. But he can't figure out how to override Deathlok's "No Killing" parameter which is currently active, and so his computer systems won't let him kill the good guys. How convenient!Silvermane, Mainframe, and Cicero all head off to a secret government facility which is utilizing illegal A.I.M. technology, giant armoured fighting suits. Cool! Mainframe and Silvermane/Deathlok easily take control of the place, just in time for Spider-Man and Daredevil to arrive. Scorpia turns up too. She has figured out that Silvermane turned on her, and she's itching for some payback.Bad news is, Silvermane just figured out how to over-ride the "no killing" locks, and now he's ready to do fatal damage. Good timing, because the Punisher just turned up again. Everybody fights everybody. That includes, inside Deathlok's head, Deathlok is fighting Silvermane for control of his body.Deathlok wins, and they all make it out just in time before the reactor core explodes. Hey, there's always a reactor core in every downtime research facility. Scorpia and Punisher escape in the confusion. Cicero and Mainframe get nabbed. Silvermane and his mobile life support systems have gotten away too. Peter gets home in time for a bit of nooky with MJ.

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