Star Trek #1

Western ⋅ 1967

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Key Facts

Science-fiction series adapted from the popular TV series

[February 2022 - Paramount is in negotiations to secure actors from the 2009 'Star Trek' Abrams-led franchise for a fourth film / September 2022 - status of the film is unknown after losing director Matt Shakman to the Fantastic Four film]

Issue Details




Dick Wood


July 1967


"The Planet of Death" This is the Enterprise a ship of the Star Fleet. It's five-year mission in space: to probe the far reaches of the galaxy, to search the unknown and unlock its mysteries, to boldly go where no man has ever gone before! An expedition team discovers its secret too late... K-G, Planet of Death!The planet K-G is a plant dominated planet that sends out spores that change mammals into plants. They also eat mammals. The crew beams down five crewmen and you never know who will make it because no one wears red.

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