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  • 1st cover appearance of Darth Talon, also appears on the cover of Star Wars Legacy #1 but not in-story
  • Promotional issue profiling new characters: Cade Skywalker, Kol Skywalker, Deliah Blue, Jariah Syn, Shado and Astraal Vao, Rasi Tuum, Wolf Sazen, Darth Talon, Darth Nihl, Darth Krayt, Darth Wyyrlok, Darth Maladi, Darth Stryfe, Imperial Knights, Roan and Marasiah Fel, Morlish Veed, Nyna Calixte, Konrad Rus
Publisher Dark Horse
Published June 2006
Written By John Ostrander
Illustrated By Jan Duursema