Star Wars: Legacy #18

Dark Horse ⋅ 2007

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Key Facts

1st appearance and origin of the first Darth Wyyrlok

Issue Details


Dark Horse


Jan Duursema


John Ostrander


December 2007


"Claws of the Dragon Part 5" Hoping to free their friend Cade Skywalker from the clutches of the Sith, Deliah Blue and Jeriah Syn receive help from a surprising source. And Cade, who was captured by the Sith while trying to free Jedi Hosk Tre'Lyis, discovers that Hosk has found his own path to freedom, via the Force. The good, evil, and those in-between are coming together, and the result is going shake the foundations of the Empire! This is the future of Star Wars, the continuation of the story that started in the original trilogy, and none of it has been seen before. The full story of Darth Krayt's origin is revealed!

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