Star Wars: Legacy #4

Dark Horse ⋅ 2006

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Key Facts

1st appearance and death of Darth Maleval, a Quarren Sith Lord known for being sadistic

1st appearance of Hondo Karr, a Mandalorian and ex-stormtrooper

Issue Details


Dark Horse


Jan Duursema


John Ostrander


September 2006


A galaxy-shaking secret is revealed in the heat of battle! Old friendships will be strained to the breaking point, unlikely new alliances will be formed, and the relentless forces of evil will pursue their dark ends with even greater vigor and purpose. In a universe on the brink of either destruction or salvation, it is the actions of an unexpected few that will determine the fates of all. The previously uncharted future of Star Wars takes a surprising turn in this latest issue of Legacy--be there!

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