Star Wars: Legacy #2

2nd Print ⋅ Dark Horse ⋅ 2006

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Key Facts

Second printing, white background, green title text

Issue Details


Dark Horse


Adam Hughes


June 2006


Over the bodies of their enemies, two Jedi make a pact that will set them on the path to a greater danger than they have ever known . . . Bounty hunters capture a prisoner whose presence will test their resolve-and the strength of their alliance . . . A Sith apprentice is given the honorific "Darth" and sent to hunt a quarry whose capture-or death-could shake an empire to its foundations . . . And a Princess finds herself alone in the galaxy, pursued by those she once counted as allies. This is only the second issue of the new ongoing series Star Wars: Legacy and already there's more adventure and more intrigue than we can even hint at!

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