Star Wars Tales #24

Dark Horse ⋅ 2005

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Darth Nihilus, a Sith Lord whose consumption of power was so fierce, he became a wound in the force that consumed life simply by being in his presence

1st appearance of Darth Traya, a female Sith Lord who became a Dark Lord of the Sith Triumvirate

Issue Details


Dark Horse


Brandon Badeaux


June 2005


Powerful is the dark side of the Force; its corrupting, seductive pull has produced some of the most memorable villains in the Star Wars galaxy. Exploring the moral and emotional fall-out that comes with giving oneself over to the ways of the Sith, this issue features four stories steeped in darkness and danger, spanning nearly every Star Wars era, including the final act of our serialized tale, "Nomad." The truth about wandering Jedi Darca Nyl is at last revealed, but will the end of his journey bring him peace ... or even more trouble? The premier Star Wars comics anthology rolls onward.

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