Star Wars: The High Republic #5

Marvel ⋅ 2021

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Key Facts

1st full appearance of Vernestra Rwoh

⚠️ Debatable Firsts: this issue is labeled Vernestrah Rwoh’s first full appearance because the story breaks away from the action to focus primarily on her and provide insight into her character which is noticeably different than previous issues. If interested in determining the first full of Rwoh by the parameters of your choosing, use character search to view her earlier appearances. Tap the cover image of each issue and swipe to view the panels in which she appears

[April 2023 - Rwoh will appear in The Acolyte on Disney+ portrayed by Rebecca Henderson]

Issue Details



Cover Artist

Phil Noto


Cavan Scott


Ario Anindito


May 2021


THERE IS NO FEAR, CHAPTER V: ATTACK OF THE HUTTS  The HIGH REPUBLIC JEDI clash with HUTT forces. GAMORREANS! NIKTO! BATTLE RANCORS! STARLIGHT BEACON over-run by a creeping alien horror! Can VERNESTRA RWOH and her Padawan IMRI CANTAROS find a way to save Starlight’s infected masses? Plus, KEEVE TRENNIS learns the terrible secret MASTER SSKEER has been carrying for so long. Can she ever trust him again?

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