The Authority #1

WildStorm ⋅ 1999

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Key Facts

1st appearance of the second Engineer, a scientist who replaced her blood with liquid nanites

1st appearance of Jeroen Thornedike, the new Doctor with reality altering powers

1st appearance of Gamorra, a dictator

[January 2023 - a movie based on the extremely violent team The Authority is planned for James Gunn's DC Studios Chapter One, Gods and Monsters]

Issue Details




Bryan Hitch


Warren Ellis


May 1999


"The Circle (Part I of IV)" In Moscow several dozen lab-created super powered beings (with super human strength, speed and laser vision) destroy buildings and people. In New York, Jackson King, former Weatherman of Stormwatch, complains that he can't do anything about the superhuman crisis in Moscow because of his lack of funding. He's also furious that Jenny Sparks and Stormwatch Black are nowhere to be found. Just as he says this, Jenny Sparks walks through a Door and asks to know everything that's going on. She's going to stop it.The superhumans were created by Gamorra, an old enemy of Stormwatch. While Jackson was explaining to Jenny what was going on, Gamorra was doing the same. He was also bragging about how he'd come to be where he was today.Seventy years ago the Brothers Gamorra were born in Parousia. By age ten they ran their village. By sixteen they ran the country. By eighteen they had remade Parousia into an island factory for terror. And by twenty, Kaizen Gamorra had killed both his brothers. He and his brothers used to have a symbol, a circle with three dots. In respect for his brothers, Kaizen Gamorra had used his super soldiers to carve the symbol on the Earth. He figures that with no Stormwatch to stop him, he can rule it all.From King, Jenny learns nothing new. She doesn't let him know that though. When she returns to Jack Hawksmoor and Swift in the Carrier she explains why. When The Authority starts changing things on a big scale, Jackson King will be able to keep the "Powers That Be" off their backs, but only if he thinks he can control them.Jenny sends Jack to check out the damage in Moscow and he does. The city is so devastated that when Hawksmoor gets there he starts to have a bloody nose. He also finds Gamorra's circle (though he doesn't know what it is) and a lot of background radiation. Back on the Carrier, Jenny talks to Engineer and tries to find the Doctor. Jeroen Thorndike isn't actual on the same plane of existence as the rest of the team though. He's talking with...

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