The Hood #1

Max ⋅ 2002

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Key Facts

1st appearance of the Hood, Parker Robbins

[February 2022 - rumored for Ironheart, formerly rumored for Hawkeye / August 2022. - confirmed for the Ironheart TV series]

1st appearance of John King, the cousin of Parker Robbins

Issue Details




Kyle Hotz


Brian K. Vaughan


July 2002


19-year-old Parker Robbins couldn't afford college, but he was able to buy a ski mask and a Lorcin .380 handgun. After dropping out of high school, the young man hoped to follow in the footsteps of his late father, a soldier in the Kingpin's vast criminal empire -- but life in the mob isn't always as glorious as the movies make it seem. With a pregnant girlfriend, a demanding mistress, and an institutionalized mother to care for, Parker can barely make ends meet. So when the small time crook finds mystical apparel that grants him strange powers, he decides to forego organized crime for the more prestigious and financially rewarding world of costumed villainy. Because with great power... comes great opportunity!

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