The Sandman #25

DC Vertigo ⋅ 1991

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Key Facts

1st appearance of the Dead Boy Detectives, the ghosts of two murdered boys who investigate mysteries

[February 2023 - Deadboy Detectives has been acquired by Netflix prior to the series premiere]

Issue Details


DC Vertigo


Dave McKean


Neil Gaiman


April 1991


SEASON OF MISTS: CHAPTER 4 Dream isn't the only one suffering the consequences of Lucifer having closed and locked Hell. Back on earth, the dead with no place else to go are coming back. This isn't great news for young Charles Rowland. With his father taken hostage in Kuwait, he spends one agonizing week alone at boys school with the school's dead. But, with the help of a ghost from the dormitory attic, Charles might just make it.

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