Value By Grade
1st appearance of the High Evolutionary, a geneticist obsessed with evolutionary experimentation
1st appearance of Man-Beast, a wolf modified by the High Evolutionary
1st appearance of Fafnir, a dragon from the realm of Nastrond
Introduction of Wundagore Mountain
🚨 Key Issue Alert: [September 2021 - an inside source confirms High Evolutionary will play a major role in GotG Vol. 3 but will NOT be the primary antagonist. High Evolutionary will have ties to Rocket Raccoon and will plant the seeds for the intro of Galactus/ Sources confirmed actor Chukwudi Iwuji for the role of High Evolutionary / SDCC 2022 - Iwuji confirmed as High Evolutionary]

Issue Details

Publisher Marvel
Artist Jack Kirby
Writer Stan Lee
Published November 1966