Thundercats: The Return #3

Variant ⋅ WildStorm ⋅ 2003

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April 2003


 The comic opens with WIlykit bathing Mumm-ra.  Mumm-ra is talking about the face that Cheetara is enslaved, and that she blames for Lion-o for all of the horribleness occurring on Thundera.  It is revealed that Cheetara is being held in Castle Plun-Darr. Vultureman is trying to crack the secret of Tygra's whip while talking with Jackalman about how they feel like slaves to Mumm-ra too.  Mumm-ra allowed for the other mutants to leave but kept them, Slithe, and Monkian on Thundera.  Slithe enters and reprimands them for speaking ill of Mumm-ra.  Slithe also admits that he feels like a prisoner but instead of complaining he is trying to make the best of the situation.  Tygra has his hands shackled but is allowed to roam freely.  Meanwhile, Cheetara is shackled to the wall, and it is clear the mutants use her for their carnal pleasure. Lion-o, Panthro, and Snarf decide to use the front entrance of the Castle to free Tygra and Cheetara.  The Castle has been left ungarded with no mutants but the aforementioned four and some slaves.  Snarf distracts the mutants while Panthro and Lion-o free Tyrgra from his shackles.  Tygra gets his whip back and a fight ensues.  Panthro frees Cheetara.  She hugs Panthro with whom she is romantically involved.  She then slaps Lion-o and walks out of the room.  Tygra explains that some blame Lion-o for this evilness.Mumm-ra is seen talking with Wilykat about how his plan to get the Thundercats to come to his pyramid.  Wilykat is to trick them into thinking they will surprise Mumm-ra.  In exchange, Mumm-ra agrees to allow Wilykat and his sister to leave without harm. 

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