Thundercats: The Return #4

WildStorm ⋅ 2003

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Non-Key Issue. No additional information is available.

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Ford Lytle Gilmore


Ed Benes

Cover Artist

Ed Benes


Rob Lea


Wildstorm FX


John Layman


May 2003


  Wilykat is seen flying toward Cat's Lair on his hover board.  He is reasoning out why he is betraying the Thundercats to Mumm-ra.  It is clear that is was for his sister's survival.  He just wants to ensure they both get free and become safe.  He scratches himself to help convince the Thundercats he had to fight to get free of Mumm-ra.Mumm-ra is sitting with Wilykit watching Wilykat.  Mumm-ra is telling her how easily Wilykat was to convince to turn on their friends.  He tells her that he believes Wilykat would even have turned on her for his own freedom and safety.  She lashes out at Mumm-ra and he punishes her. Cheetara gets angry at Lion-o after he asks why they did not free him when he was gone in the Book of Omens for longer than a day.  She tells him that all of this was his fault because he was weak and not worthy of being the Lord of the Thundercats.  Lion-o expresses grief and responsibility for what has transpired since he was in the Book.  Wilykat arrives and convinces the group to sneak into the Onyx Pyramid.The Thundercats sneak into the pyramid and get to the sarcophagus chamber.  Lion-o tries to stop Wilykat from, what he thinks, is an attack on Mumm-ra.  Mumm-ra states that he is not attacking him but returning to him.

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