Thundercats: The Return #5

Variant ⋅ WildStorm ⋅ 2003

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June 2003


The Thundercats fight the newly empowered mutants as Mumm-Ra drags Wilykit away.  The fight rages while Mumm-ra releases Wilykit so she can choose to leave or join the fight.  Wilykit joins the battle with the other Thundercats.  Lion-o defeats Slithe with Panthro's help and moves into the antechamber to fight Mumm-ra.  Lion-o and Mumm-ra fight and it seems Mumm-ra will win.  Panthro comes in with the other Thundercats and helps to defeat Mumm-ra in this battle.  Mumm-ra disappears into mist.  Cheetara and Tygra explain that they need to be a team and not just support for Lion-o to do everything.  Lion-o expresses his responsibility in the past five years, and they agree to move on and improve Thundera as a team.  Mumm-ra is seen in another chamber discussing how he wants to recapture Wilykat and corrupt him to become his disciple.

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