Tomb of Dracula #45

Marvel ⋅ 1976

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Key Facts

1st full appearance of Deacon Frost, the vampire that caused Blade’s creation

1st appearance of Domini, the bride of Dracula

1st team appearance of the Church of the Damned

Issue Details




Gene Colan


Marv Wolfman


June 1976


Blade encounters Hannibal king in an apartment room. The two duel is out furiously but Hannibal rather help Blade then fight him. He tells Blade he is after the vampire Deacan Frost. The vampire who turned him. There they also find the body of a man who is drained of blood. At this point Blade teams with King but he is not that happy about it.Elsewhere Doctor Strange and Wong leave Dracula's corpse alone but Dracula then rises. He arrives at author Harold Harold's place to get the name of a leader of a satanic tribunal. Later that night he meets a old woman who shows no fear of him which upsets him.Else where, Drake, Van Helsing, and Harker are aware of Dracula's return. It is also at that moment Frank declares his love for Rachel. The two share a kiss. Meanwhile in Cambridge Massachusetts, a satanic ritual is taking place. sataniic leader Anton Lupeski is in the middle of a ritual to send Domini to hell to be the bride of the devil. Dracula enters the ritual and grows a fondness to Domini. At that point satan demands the marriage of Dracula and Domini.Back at the hotel, Blade and King await the bitten person to wake. The vampire wakes. King tries to get threw with questions while Blade takes a more brutal method and attacks the vampire. The vampire then tells the two of meeting he was having with Deacon frost. He was helping Frost dig up a body from a grave yard. After getting the body Frost bits him. It is then revealed that the body in the coffin was a copy of Blade, and the Frost was going to use it the rule the world.

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