Ultimate Fantastic Four #30

1:30 ⋅ Marvel ⋅ 2006

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Key Facts

Variant sketch cover by Greg Land

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Greg Land


July 2006


FRIGHTFUL PART 1 While on a double date, Johnny gets bored with his blind date, Tara Beckwith, while Ben and Alicia are enjoying their time together. Lucky for Johnny, an out of control car speeds through the front of the restaurant. Johnny flies after the car, saving the driver before the vehicle collides with a gas truck, creating an explosion. While Johnny starts to flirt with the rescued driver, he feels a sharp pain in his stomach, making him call out in agony.  At the Baxter Building, Reed is looking for a way to send the zombie versions of his team mates back to their own universe without them being able to return. As Reed is explaining his theory to Franklin Storm, Franklin receives a call about his son. Johnny is placed in a full body scanner created by Reed to determine what is the cause of his pain. It is discovered that while the Fantastic Four were in the N-Zone, Johnny had become infected by an extraterrestrial organism that is feeding off of him. Charles Xavier is brought in to see what kind of creature is growing inside Johnny, discovering that while the creature is unintelligent, it can be devastating to every living thing on Earth. They only have seven days to remove the creature from Johnny.   The Fantastic Four become desperate in figuring out how to rid Johnny of this creature. Sue travels to the Himalayas after getting in touch with Crystal of the Inhumans. She asks if there is anything her people could do to help Johnny but Crystal, out of fear from Black Bold, refuses, stating she only came to say goodbye. Back at the Baxter Building, while Johnny becomes frightened of his fate, Reed attempts to get his zombie alternate to help with Johnny. Zombie Reed refuses, stating it does not matter since they will be escaping in a few hours. Reed ignores this, believing this alternate is bluffing. Ben knows there is only one other person they could ask for help.   Sue, Ben, and Reed travel to Latveria, having grown since their last visit to become one of the richest countries in the world. The group hope to convince Victor Van Damme in helping them with Johnny, but Victor, with Mary Storm as his assistant, has already expected their arrival. Meanwhile at the Baxter Building, the Frightful Four make their move.

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