Uncanny X-Men #129

Marvel ⋅ 1980

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Key Facts

The Dark Phoenix Saga Part 1

1st appearance of Kitty Pryde

1st appearance of Emma Frost, the White Queen

1st cameo team appearance of The Hellfire Club, in shadows

Issue Details




John Byrne


Chris Claremont


January 1980


GOD SPARE THE CHILD... The X-Men leave Muir Island in Scotland, but Banshee decides to stay with Moira.  Havok and Polaris still think they don't belong with the X-Men, and also stay behind with Madrox. During the flight, Jean has visions about her past with Jason Wyngard again, and it is even more real than last time.  When they finally get to the Mansion X, sensors warn that there's a person inside, but when they enter, it's Professor X, back from the Shiar Empire.  After some days of rest, Jean still thinks she can't control the Phoenix Force and is afraid. Professor X is having problems training the X-Men, treating them like children as he used to do with his first students.  Cyclops tries to argue that they are all grown men now, specially Wolverine and Storm, but Xavier doesn't want to listen. Suddenly,...

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