Uncanny X-Men #120

Marvel ⋅ 1979

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Key Facts

1st cameo team appearance of Alpha Flight: Sasquatch, Aurora, Northstar, Shaman, Snowbird

[June 2020 - Alpha Flight rumored to make an appearance in the MCU]

Issue Details




John Byrne


Chris Claremont


April 1979


The Canadian super-hero known as Vindicator meets with the Prime Minister in order to determine how best to capture Wolverine and force him back into service for the Canadian government.  Flying from their last adventure in Japan, the X-Men are forced to make an emergency landing in Canada, when they are set upon by Alpha Flight, Guardian's group determined to bring Wolverine back into their fold.  Alpha Flight members are presented: Olympic sky champion Jean-Paul Beaubier - Northstar, his sister Professor Jeanie-Maurie Beaubier - Aurora, Doctor Michael Twoyoungmen - Shaman, officer of Canadian mounted army Anne Mckenzie - Snowbird and former quarterback and now biophysics Professor Walter Langkowski - Sasquatch, with Guardian as their leader.  Shaman had made the snowstorm that forces the plane to land in Calgary and Sasquatch throws the plane to an empty hangar.  Storm then makes an intense fog for the X-Men escapes to the city, but there Northstar captures Nightcrawler and Sasquatch takes down Wolverine. Storm fights Guardian inside a mall and he decides to fly away. In Japan, Wolverine had told Mariko that his name is Logan, for the first time.

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