Uncanny X-Men #401

Marvel ⋅ 2002

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Key Facts

1st appearance of X-Corps: Avalanche, Blob, Radius, Multiple Man, Banshee

Not to be confused with X-Corporation, the X-Corps is akin to a security force, led by Banshee

Issue Details




Ron Garney


Joe Casey


February 2002


"Golden: A Silent Adventure" In Scotland, Bansee visits Moira MacTaggert's grave with a whiskey bottle in hand. Having a solemn face, Sean empties the bottle and leaves. Clearly having quit his alcoholic state since her death.Martinique Jason is in her prison cell with a Virtual Reality helmet locked on her head. She dreams of serving in the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants alongside Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Toad. Romancing the latter. The dream ends with Magneto killing her.Martinique is released from her virtual reality prison by a small army made exclusively of Madrox duplicates. The Madroxes have already taken down the prison personnel to get to her. They attempt to free Mystique as well ... to find her cell empty. Raven has apparently escaped on her own.Wolverine is in Chappaqua, Westchester County,...

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