Whiz Comics #15

Fawcett ⋅ 1941

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Key Facts

Origin of Dr. Sivana

1st appearance of Magnificus Sivana, the son of Dr. Sivana

Revealed that Beautia is the daughter of Dr. Sivana

Issue Details




Bill Parker


C. C. Beck


March 1941


A collection of comics and stories, including -- "The Origin of Dr. Sivana" , featuring Captain Marvel :   Billy is awarded the trophy for doing the most outstanding radio work for the year. Later, he takes Beautia out to eat and is accosted by some thugs. Not realizing they work for Sivana, Billy soon learns of the evil scientist's Ultra-Frequency device, which is so delicately tuned that it can cancel out, by interference, Billy's magic word which turns him into Captain Marvel. -- "The Corruption of Spy Smasher" , featuring the titled hero, Spy Smasher , and guest Captain Marvel :   Eve is kidnapped by Grosso, who is under the spell of the Mask, but Spy Smasher is on the spot, saving her and killing the giant kidnapper. However, Alan is ambushed by another of the Mask's men and is taken to the lair of the villain, who discovers Spy Smasher's true identity, then subjects him to the Brainograph. Now the Spy Smasher is an evil menace to democratic society and Captain Marvel promises to stop him at all costs. -- "The Giant Spider" , featuring Ibis the Invincible :  The thief Rimson has wrecked the automobile of Ibis and Taia in the hopes of stealing the glorious ruby they wish to return to its owners in the far north.  With the help of the Ibistick, they are saved from an awful plunge off a cliff, but the wand is dropped and falls to the ground below across the path of a wandering spider.  The spider dimly desires to be able to cope with mankind, mentally and physically, and is miraculously transformed into a gigantic size and with a brilliant mind! PLUS :  Doctor Voodoo, Dan Dare, the Companions Three, and more!!

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