Low $20
Mid $75
High $200
  • First solo Wolverine title
  • 1st cameo appearance of Yukio
  • First use of the phrase, 'I'm the best there is at what I do' in Wolverine's narration
  • 📉 Every week Hulk #180, #181 and Giant Size X-Men move further out of budget for many collectors
  • One could make the argument that this is Wolverine’s most significant key issue behind his first cameo, full and appearance on the X-Men
  • 9.8s are starting to increase in value but other grades have mostly remained flat and ungraded copies listed NM can still be had for $100 or lower which is insane, especially considering it’s a Frank Miller cover
  • The downside is that there are a lot of graded 9.8s but that hasn’t slowed down Deadpool’s first appearance
Publisher Marvel
Published September 1982
Written By Chris Claremont
Illustrated By Frank Miller