X-Factor #4

Marvel ⋅ 1986

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Frenzy, a powerful female mutant

Issue Details




Ron Frenz


Bob Layton


May 1986


At Lagurdia Airport, X-Factor in their mutant alter-egos are fighting Tower, having recently seen him outside the X-Factor complex, though Tower escapes by shrinking himself out of sight.It's then revealed that Tower was working for someone to kidnap Rusty Collins who had been 'apprehended' by X-Factor. Frenzy is introduced as also working for Towers boss and she chides him for his failure before tossing him into a dumpster and announcing she will capture Rusty.Back at the X-Factor complex, Beast is still getting used to having a human body and Rusty gets in trouble during a training session in which Iceman hurls spikes of ice at him for him to melt, however when he gets momentarily distracted by the entrance of Cyclops and Artie, who he dislikes for being put into his room without...

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