Uncanny X-Men #278

Marvel ⋅ 1991

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Paul Smith


Chris Claremont

Cover Artist

Paul Smith

Cover Artist

Joe Rosas


July 1991


Muir Island has been the site for some odd happenings of late. Now we know why. The Shadow King has taken control of the mutants and they brutally attack each other for sport. The negative emotions flowing from the island begins to hold sway on the world and mass swings of emotion have people acting upon all their hate and prejudice. Professor Xavier returns to his destroyed mansion and finds that things aren't safe their, either. An old charge has returned and looks bent on taking the Professor out for good. Story continues in Uncanny X-Men #279. Synopsis - The Shadow King. The Shadow King and Dr. Lian Shen revel in the negative feelings that people around the Earth are feeling. The Shadow King finds it too easy to push humans over the edge. Once the world boils over in the negativity that...

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