Uncanny X-Men #288

Marvel ⋅ 1992

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Key Facts

Non-Key Issue. No additional information is available.

Issue Details




Scott Lobdell


Jim Lee


Whilce Portacio


John Byrne


Andy Kubert

Cover Artist

Andy Kubert


May 1992


"Time and Place" Jean overhears a conversation between some of the men and Cyclops and is troubled to learn that there may be something going on between him and their teammate, Psylocke. Cyclops and Beast meet Bishop, who is soon put under Storm’s tutelage. Bishop demands that Storm takes him to New York City so he can get accustomed to the culture. Reluctantly, Storm agrees but decides to take the rest of her team as well. The team goes out, along with Bobby’s girlfriend, Opal Tanaka. However, Opal does not tell Bobby that an old rival of his is coming to visit her soon. Bishop takes in the wonders of the city but also finds Styglut, the last living criminal from the future. Bishop attacks Styglut and the two get into a fight, neither noticing the massive damage they are causing. Storm tries to stop the two but ends up incidentally fueling Bishop’s powers, which he uses to kill Styglut. Storm shows Bishop all the damage he has done and all the civilians he has injured. Bishop is horrified by what he sees and realizes that there is much he needs to learn. That night, Bishop gives Storm his combat insignia from his uniform and promises to listen to her more.

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