X-Men Chronicles #1

Marvel ⋅ 1995

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Key Facts

📖 Reading Order: Age of Apocalypse

Prelude to Age of Apocalypse

Magneto leads the X-Men: Iceman, Jean Grey, Storm, Scarlet Witch, Colossus, Rogue and Weapon X (Wolverine)

Issue Details




Carlos Pacheco


Howard Mackie


March 1995


Here now: The Dawn of Apocalypse:At the top of Wundagore mountain located somewhere in Eastern Europe, Magneto looks down on the X-Men training facility. It is then revealed that the story is set in an alternate reality in which Professor X had died, changing the course of time and making Magneto the head of the X-Men. Soon after, Pietro approaches Magneto to inform him that the X-Men are waiting for him to arrive in order to begin their training exercise at the facility.When Magneto arrives, several of the X-Men, including Jean-Grey, Collasus, Scarlett Witch, and Storm are successfully sparring against battle androids as part of their training. After disposing of the androids with ease, the team begins to celebrate, only to be interrupted by Magneto who tells them that they are performing below his expectations. He then increases the difficulty of the exercise and the X-Men begin to panic under the pressure. As they find themselves struggling to keep up with the training, Magneto opens a door and a mysterious figure leaps forward, and within moments destroys all of the battle androids. The mysterious figure is revealed to be Weapon X.After destroying the androids, Weapon X goes into a berserker rage and attempts to harm the other X-Men until Jean goes into his mind and brings him back to sanity. As a result however she becomes overwhelmed by his memories. Pietro grabs her before she falls unconscious to the ground.In New York City, Apocalypse's ship begins to fly over the city. A holographic image of Candra is then projected throughout the city as she announces Apocalypse's plan for world domination to the public.Back at the X-Men facility, Magneto is in his quarters pondering on the death of Charles Xavier when he is approached by Mystique who brings him information of Apocalypse's plan as well as a new student, Rogue. After saying her goodbyes to Rogue, Mystique becomes saddened from the farewell and leaves crying. Ice-man, Wolverine, and Jean then enter the room...

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