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What If...?

Premiering August 23rd, 2021 on Disney+

Low $7
Mid $18
High $70
  • 1st appearance of Agent Peggy Carter as Captain America
  • Marvel Puzzle Quest variant (1:10)
  • WWII homage cover inspired by Rosie the Riveter
Low $170
Mid $420
High $2.6k
  • 1st appearance of the Watcher
  • 1st appearance of the Red Ghost and his Super Apes
  • [December 2020 - the Watcher will narrate What If...? in the Disney+ animated series]
Low $5
Mid $15
High $50
  • What if…Spider-Man Joined The Fantastic Four?
  • Premiere issue of the series that began in 1977 and told stories set in alternate universes outside of the Marvel mainstream where anything was possible
  • 💬 As the host of the What If...? comic book series, the Watcher begins this issue by explaining the rules - something that could open the upcoming Disney+ series
Low $1
Mid $5
High $15
  • Alternate timeline that sees Peggy Carter as Captain America
  • [December 2020 - Peggy Carter to appear in the What If...? animated Disney+ series but as, what looks to be, Captain Britain with a suit similar to the one in this issue]
Low $1
Mid $2
High $8
  • 1st appearance of an overweight Thor although no direct link to what Marvel calls 'Bro Thor' this issue is the earliest known out-of-shape Thor
  • [May 2021 - details of the What If...? Disney+ episode featuring Thor has leaked and it will be about a party thrown by the god that threatens to end the world]