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Low $230
Mid $850
High $5k
  • 1st appearance and origin of The Lizard
  • First reference to Spider-Man's ability to sense danger with the thought 'My Spider Sense is starting to tingle'
Low $1
Mid $2
High $3
  • First time Professor X says, 'to me, my X-Men' as a standalone phrase
  • *previous use of the summons appear within a sentence or said by impostors
Low $85
Mid $250
High $1.1k
  • MAD begins publishing a traditional magazine-sized issue
  • First use of the phrase, 'What? Me Worry?'
Low $12
Mid $35
High $110
  • Hulk's first use of the words 'Hulk Smash' as a standalone phrase
Low $12
Mid $40
High $125
  • First use of Namor's battle phrase, 'Imperious Rex'
  • *decades later, when Thor asks Namor the meaning of the phrase, Namor answers, 'It means I’m going to feed your sorry Asgardian hide to the biggest sharks I can find.'
  • 1st appearance of Behemoth, a protector of Atlantis
Low $760
Mid $4k
High $12k
  • 1st appearance of the Sub-Mariner in the Silver Age
  • First time the Human Torch activates his power while shouting, 'Flame On'
Low $30
Mid $125
High $425
  • 2nd appearance of Mole Man
  • Invisible Woman gains new superpowers
  • The Thing first exclaims, 'It's Clobberin' Time'
Low $40
Mid $180
High $675
  • 1st appearance of Immortus, AKA Kang and Rama-Tut
  • Debut of the call-to-action, 'Avengers Assemble' said by Thor
Low $425
Mid $2.4k
High $7.3k
  • 🏅 #4 on the Hot 10
  • 1st appearance of the new X-Men: Storm (1st), Nightcrawler (1st), Colossus (1st), Thunderbird (1st), Wolverine (3rd)
  • Some resources label this the 2nd full appearance of Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk #182 a second cameo
  • 1st appearance of Illyana Rasputin as a child, later becomes Magik
  • Introduction of Krakoa, the Living Island
  • First use of the sound effect 'snikt' associated with Wolverine's claws
  • THIS WEEK’S TOP RECORD BREAKERS [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 9.6 sold for $26,400 [$18,501 in Mar] +43%
  • 9.4 sold for $16,800 [$12,500 in 2010] +129%
  • 4.0 sold for $3,200 [$2,062 in Feb] +55%
  • Honorable Mention: X-Men #1
  • 8.5 sold for $78,000 [$56,000 in Nov] +39%
Low $390
Mid $1k
High $6.2k
  • 1st appearance and origin of Sandman
  • 1st appearance of Betty Brant, a secretary at the Daily Bugle
  • Spider-Man refers to himself as 'The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man' for the first time
  • 1st cameo appearance of Jessica Jones, a spectator of the Sandman versus Spider-Man fight, this is a retconned appearance as revealed in The Amazing Spider-Man #601
Low $8
Mid $25
High $100
  • First time Thor refers to his hammer as Mjolnir
  • 1st appearance of Fafnir, a dragon from the realm of Nastrond
  • 2nd appearance and origin of the High Evolutionary
Low $250
Mid $1.2k
High $3.2k
  • Alan Scott, Green Lantern uses the phrase: in brightest day, in darkest night - no evil shall escape my sight - let those who worship evil's might - beware my power, Green Lantern's light
Low $10
Mid $30
High $100
  • First solo Wolverine title
  • 1st cameo appearance of Yukio
  • First use of the phrase, 'I'm the best there is at what I do' in Wolverine's narration
  • 📉 Every week Hulk #180, #181 and Giant Size X-Men move further out of budget for many collectors
  • One could make the argument that this is Wolverine’s most significant key issue behind his first cameo, full and appearance on the X-Men
  • 9.8s are starting to increase in value but other grades have mostly remained flat and ungraded copies listed NM can still be had for $100 or lower which is insane, especially considering it’s a Frank Miller cover
  • The downside is that there are a lot of graded 9.8s but that hasn’t slowed down Deadpool’s first appearance
Low $25
Mid $60
High $180
  • Classic battle of the original X-Men vs the new X-Men
  • First use of the phrase 'Fastball Special' when Colossus launches Wolverine at an enemy
Low $5
Mid $18
High $60
  • 1st cameo appearance and death of Miracleman, an alternate reality version of Marvelman
  • 1st mention of the standard Marvel Universe referred to as 616
Low $150
Mid $450
High $1.6k
  • Classic cover art by Bob Kane featuring the Joker
  • Joker repeatedly uses the word 'boner' throughout this story, panels that often show up on social media posts
Low $20
Mid $60
High $300
  • First use of the word 'Thwip' when activating Spider-Man's web-shooters
  • 1st appearance of the Looter, later becomes Meteor Man
Low $90
Mid $365
High $1.4k
  • 1st appearance of Pharaoh Rama-Tut, later revealed to be the time-traveler Kang the Conqueror
  • Stan Lee first uses the phrase "Nuff Said" in the Special Announcements section
Low $115
Mid $310
High $1.1k
  • 1st appearance of Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension
  • 1st appearance of Clea, future wife of Doctor Strange
  • [March 2020 - Clea rumored to be in Doctor Strange 2]
  • Doctor Strange uses the phrase 'By The Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth'
Low $240
Mid $700
High $1.8k
  • First solo ongoing Silver Surfer series
  • Origin of the Silver Surfer
  • Origin of the Watchers
  • 1st appearance of Shalla-Bal
  • Silver Surfer first says, "where soars the Silver Surfer...there must he soar alone!"
Low $25
Mid $80
High $250
  • Death of Thunderbird, John Proudstar, killed in a plane crash
  • 3rd appearance of Nightcrawler
  • Earliest use of the word 'Bamf' to describe the sound of Nightcrawler teleporting via an alternate dimension